Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Dare to Dream 5

“What's in Your Hand?”
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Read Judges 6:1-6.
  • Formulate a job description for the task envisioned.
Read Judges 6:11-16
  • What kind of “mighty warrior” did God choose to commission?
  • On the face of it, did Gideon possess any of the qualifications needed to do the job?
Read Judges 6 33-35
  • What made the difference in Gideon’s ability to respond?
Today’s video took place in Hawthorn Hill, the home that Orville Wright built and lived in with his father and sister. We watched for the question “What’s in your hand?” as well as the three key questions Mike Slaughter poses that will help answer that question.

Bible Study and Discussion
  1. Mike states that, in God, you already have everything you need to accomplish the mission you were created for. If we are like a seed in which the genetic code to grow is already present, how does the Holy Spirit function to awaken that potential within us?
  1. What aspects or situations can we name that might prevent that potential from ever developing?
  2. Mike names the computer as an ordinary tool of his own that has potential to be used for God’s purposes. What ordinary tools are at our disposal that might have power we had not imagined?
  3. Mike observes that God often demonstrates the transforming power of simple tools to fulfill God’s purposes, but one’s collective life experience can be an equally powerful tool. Name some ways in which Moses’ life experience growing up in Pharaoh’s household might have been useful.
  4. Moses, says Mike, could have considered his life a failure. He experienced an abrupt descent from the position of power and influence in Pharaoh’s household to that of a lowly shepherd. Have you ever experienced a failure you were later able to use or learn from?
  5. Name some other persons from the Bible who were able to fulfill expansive God-purposes, despite having flaws that would seem to limit their potential.
  6. Mike Slaughter points out that, at God’s direction, Moses threw down his staff, taking a bold and definitive action. What happens when it seems too risky or costly to offer a gift to God?
  7. What does Mike mean when he says that we can’t think our way into a new way of acting; we have to act our way into a new way of thinking? Do you agree or disagree?

Building Your Life Mission Statement: Part 5

Revisit the three key questions that will help identify the gifts and talents we are supposed to use in our life mission.
  • What are the gifts of my head?
  • What are the gifts of my hands?
  • What is the passion of my heart?
Think about the three questions in the same way you would a self-analysis prior to writing up a résumé, except that this résumé is not for a new job but for a lifelong mission!

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